Ricardo Suzuki

“I came to English Advantage because I needed to improve my English to get promoted at work. I had tried other English schools but was not happy with their instructors and methods. But I was really impressed with EA’s native English-speaking teachers. I also liked how they focus on the themes. I can apply what I learn in my job. My English is much better now!”

Bruno Gomez
A. Yoshii

“At my job, I need good English to work with my clients. I chose online classes with English Advantage to save time going to a class. The EA online classes are very good and the live videos are very clear. There’s only one other student in the class, so I have a lot of time to practice my English. The website has excellent resources to help me practice. Even when I do not have a class, I can learn. I am learning more than I expected with English Advantage!”

Daniel Ortiz

“I came to English Advantage because they gave me the confidence that I would learn business English. I did not want to learn just general English. The best thing about their classes is the course content. It uses practical business situations. It is a very well designed course. Now I can see the difference in my English at work, and it helps a lot!”