Leadership Project
Meetings Presentations Introducing
Networking Syllabus

Learn how to speak in a wide variety of real-life business situations. Some themes covered by the syllabus are:

  • Meetings/Presentations
    • How to start a meeting and how to end a meeting
    • Common kinds of meetings, such as planning, project kick-off, brainstorming, staff,  status meetings
    • How to keep a meeting on track and keep debates healthy
    • Presenting numbers and charts and presenting the success of a project
  • Projects
    • Setting the charter, laying out the project scope, defining deliverables and milestones, planning, estimating budgets
    • Work breakdown structures
    • Resource allocation, scheduling resources, dependencies, critical path
    • Execution, status reporting, tracking/monitoring, delays, unexpected issues, conflicts
  • Business topics
    • Talking about competition/market, coming up with a strategy, implementing the strategy
    • Teamwork, seeking and offering help, conflicts within a team
    • Sales pitch, negotiations, contracts, striking a deal, international trade
  • Career topics
    • Career goals, preparing for interviews, conducting interviews
    • Asking for a raise, promotion, or performance appraisal
  • Introducing yourself
    • Social greetings and networking
    • Talking about yourself, your job, your employer,  your projects
  • Leadership
    • Challenging your team, motivating and praising your staff
    • Seeking status updates, getting details about various issues
  • Other topics
    • Travel for work and leisure–planning and visiting foreign countries