Review your lessons

After taking the live lesson, you can review of all of the lesson content on the website. The lesson is presented in an interactive manner specifically designed to first test your understanding. We know that you’re a busy professional, so we specifically designed study tools for you to personalize your learning experience. You can review the lesson more effectively using these study tools.

Lesson reviews
All of the vocabulary, grammar, TalkTime, videos, and cultural tips are available in the Student Dashboard. The vocabulary is presented to challenge you to recall the meanings and examples. If you don’t recall the meaning or example for a vocabulary item, you can selectively display it. If you are in a rush, you can display the meanings and examples for all the vocabulary items at once.

Pronunciations and audio playlists
The pronunciation of all the vocabulary items, their meanings and examples, is available. You can chose to listen to only the difficult items one at a time, or all of the words at the same time. You can also create custom playlists of the items you find difficult to remember using the MyReview feature.

Flashcards are an excellent way to review vocabulary. Multiple kinds of flashcards are available in many layouts. Use the one you like. You can create a custom set of flashcards using the MyReview feature.

MyReview is a great way to customize your learning experience. You can tag the vocabulary items you find difficult to remember and they get added to your MyReview list. You can then listen to the audio playlist of the items in your MyReview list or practice the vocabulary using flashcards.

The videos of the real-life business situations taught in the live lessons are available for you to watch whenever you want and however many times you want. The scripts of the videos are also available. You can go through the script to check your understanding of the dialogs in the video.

Test yourself

Interactive Quizzes
The Student Dashboard contains many different kinds of interactive quizzes for you to test your understanding of the material and practice your English. You will love the innovative quiz-types we have designed for you, such as match-the-pair by dragging or clicking the matching item, fill-in-the-blanks by dragging the correct item onto the blank, and many more. The quizzes for each lesson test every vocabulary item at least once.

Verbal Test
Test how well you have learned to speak Business English. In the verbal tests you answer the questions verbally and record them. Real humans, not computers, review and evaluate your answers. Computer grading of speech is inaccurate and more so for English language learners. That’s why we use real humans who can understand your accents and can provide qualitative feedback to improve your English.

Track your progress

My Progress

You can see the scores of your vocabulary, grammar quizzes and verbal test. You can track your progress throughout the course.