Transform your favorite lesson plans from paper to online. Use our social courseware authoring tool and create a lesson plan in under an hour. Reuse lesson components like vocabulary, conversations, grammar, and short stories designed by your peers. Use our blended learning platform and provide an engaging online way for your students to keep learning anytime, anywhere.

Save time correcting assessments. Let our blended learning program automatically correct the assignments.

School Administrators

You are constantly looking to improve your English teaching. That’s where our blended learning platform can help you and your teachers. It makes classroom teaching more effective. Students learn a lesson in the class and review it and practice their English online on the platform. It provides an engaging online way for your students to keep learning anytime, anywhere. Keep track of student progress with data analytics and take corrective actions faster.


Keep learning outside of the classroom. Solve interactive quizzes; play games; practice your listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Our blended learning platform has many tools to give you instant feedback on your English skills. Learn English faster and have fun doing it!

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Our students apply their Business English for employers like: